How do i improve my touch in football?

How do i improve my touch in football?

  1. Practicing ball control drills: These drills involve juggling, passing, and receiving the ball with different parts of your body to improve your overall control and touch.

  2. Playing with a smaller ball: Using a smaller ball, such as a tennis ball, can help you develop better touch and control as it is more difficult to handle.

  3. Practicing different types of passes: Try practicing different types of passes, such as a lob pass, a driven pass, and a chipped pass, to improve your precision and touch.

  4. Using both feet: Try to use both feet when practicing, as this will help you become more comfortable and confident using both feet and improve your overall touch.

  5. playing with better players: Playing with better players, or against better teams, will help you improve your touch, as you will be challenged to make quick decisions and to execute complex maneuvers.

  6. Get a coach: A coach can give you personal feedback on your touch and techniques and help you develop a personalised training plan to improve it.

  7. Watch the Pros: Watch the best players in the world to get advice and inspiration. 
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